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Celebrating 13 Years


Come Back to the Table!

As my daughter says, “the days are long, but the years fly by.”  Thirteen ears of teaching cooking classes have flown by, almost a blur.  I’ve been blessed to meet the most wonderful people, from all over Northern Colorado, and many people visiting our delightful town of Fort Collins from around the country.  People who love food, who love to talk about good food as well as eat it, are almost without fail interesting, charming, and lots of fun.

The Move

But it was time for me to be away from the train 1/2 block east, the fire station 6 blocks west, and the ambulance around the corner, and to find a place that offers peace and serenity.  I’ve found it at 2700 Brookwood Drive, in a real neighborhood. I feel like I’m on vacation!

 New focus

I’ve teamed up with Christy Thiel, Master Nutrition Therapist, to teach the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet.  Cooling the fires of inflammation helped me stop the progress of arthritis in my hands, immediately.  Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet helped me get rising blood pressure under control, now 116/68 without medication.  

Food as Fuel

Treating food as entertainment for our mouths is a mistake.  Thinking that plenty of exercise means we can eat whatever we want is a mistake.  We can get by with it for a long time, our bodies adjusting as best they can.  But we don’t get by with it forever.

Food is fuel for our bodies, enabling us to live an energetic, vital life.  But it’s also information that our bodies use to function at optimal levels.  There is food and there is junk, but not junk food.  Fueling our bodies with junk leads to poor performance and ultimate breakdown, with diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and Alzheimers, all increasing at alarming rates despite billions spent on medical research for cures.

Race for Prevention

We have races for cures, but where is the race for prevention?  Waiting until we develop a difficult condition, sometimes a heartbreaking condition, is unwise.  Heading off disease development before it takes hold of us is a better approach.

Join us in discovering the pleasures of delicious real food, feeling great, and functioning at high levels no matter what your age!