In The Kitchen

Bone Broth/Soups Class

By Linda Hoffman | September 17, 2014

Bone broth is not only nutritious, it’s medicinal.  I’ve heard it said that 80% of our immune system is in our gut, so it stands to reason that keeping our digestive system healthy and functioning at optimal levels is of primary importance.  Not just for protecting us against flu and colds, bone broth provides all-important…

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Why I Cook…

By Linda Hoffman | September 22, 2013

  Why I Cook…I just saw this in an ad for Swanson Cooking Stock in the October, 2013 issue of Sunset magazine.  They gave 8 reasons why we might cook, and several of them resonate with me.  And they gave rise to my most important reason, being that it keeps me healthy. The healthiest food…

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The Spiral Slicer

By Linda Hoffman | August 18, 2013

A new “toy” in the kitchen.  For those of us who avoid wheat for a variety of reasons, the Paderno Spiral Slicer makes pasta shapes out of vegetables, nothing added.  I use beets, zucchini, yellow summer squash, onions, carrots, any solid vegetable.  The toothed rotating piece holds the vegetable, and pushes it through whichever blade…

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Trimming an Artichoke

By Linda Hoffman | April 21, 2013

  The artichoke on the right is fresher than the one on the left.  Notice the bright green color and tight head on the right, very little browning of leaves.  The artichoke on the left has shrunken, collapsed on itself, indicating a loss of moisture and freshness.           The top quarter is…

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Making bone broth

By Linda Hoffman | April 14, 2013

I start with a roasted whole chicken, enjoying it for dinner one night.  After removing any remaining meat from the bones, I use the carcass to make chicken stock, or bone broth.  All the bones plus the gelatin in the roaster pan, 3-4 carrots, 3-4 stalks of celery, an onion, green leek tops all go in…

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Easy Chocolate Mousse

By Linda Hoffman | March 22, 2013

This recipe is easy to make with just a few ordinary ingredients, nothing exotic, and the result is rich chocolate flavor that satisfies.  Not too sweet, but oh-so-chocolatey, and it makes 8 servings.  I’m a believer in using what I have on hand rather than making a special trip to the store.  I had Ghirardelli’s…

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By Linda Hoffman | March 22, 2013

A tool that I love to use, that makes super thin slices quick and easy to create, is the mandoline.   Granted, good knife skills facilitate slicing, but to make consistent, equally thin slices and do it quickly, nothing beats the mandoline.   They used to be very expensive, and some models still are, but I purchased…

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Making Pie Crust

By Linda Hoffman | January 30, 2013

The last pie crust he made went straight into the trash!  He’s the cook in the family, does all the cooking for himself and his wife.  Completely frustrated by pie crust–this from a man who makes profiteroles, for heaven’s sake–he had just about given up and decided to use store-bought crusts.  For Christmas, his wife…

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Linda’s Fish Chowder

By Linda Hoffman | January 14, 2013

Most of us make New Year’s Eve or Day one of celebration with family and friends.  I like to use New Year’s as a time to review my plans and goals for the coming year, to be sure I’ve set the ladder I’ll be climbing against the right wall.  I love this day and look…

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