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In The Kitchen

Join us at Global Village on Saturday, August 18

By Linda Hoffman | August 7, 2018

  Linda, owner of Come Back to the Table, and Susan, owner of Savory Spice Shop, will be speaking about adding zestful flavor to everyday dishes at Global Village as part of their series called “Serve it Up!” about seasonings used in international dishes and recipes.  Join us for recipes and fragrance sampling of lots…

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Easy Gluten-Free Wraps

By Linda Hoffman | July 23, 2018

  Why bother with making gluten-free wraps when they are commercially available?  These taste great, no preservatives or chemical stabilizers, no weird flour substitutions AND they can be made in minutes.  Plus, they keep well in the refrigerator. About 5 years ago I noticed arthritis developing in my hands, swelling joints, heat in my knuckles…

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Refreshing Green Cooler

By Linda Hoffman | June 16, 2018

  Try this refreshing green cooler this summer! Next time you’re at the market pick up some organic green kale, a bag of large organic Fuji or other sweet apple, a lemon or two, and an organic cucumber so you can make this delicious and refreshing cooler.   Whenever I’m at Egg and I for breakfast…

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Mango Season!

By Linda Hoffman | March 19, 2018

It’s Mango Season!   We’re coming into mango season.  While they are available year round, the smaller Champagne mangos are in season only March through May.  The larger varieties of mangos mature at different times.  But Hawaii and Florida mangos are both in season June and July.  Enjoy them while they are plentiful and inexpensive.…

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What is Pastured Butter?

By Linda Hoffman | March 9, 2018

I’m often asked “what is pastured butter?”   And no, it’s not butter that’s found in a pasture.  Pastured butter comes from cows that eat their natural diet of grasses that are found in pasture lands.  In a recipe it’s easier to say “pastured butter” than “butter that comes from grass-fed cows.” Why do I…

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Linda’s Gluten-Free Bread

By Linda Hoffman | March 7, 2018

Linda’s Gluten-Free Bread   This bread is probably best as a tea bread for breakfast or a snack rather than sandwiches.  Gluten-free but not full of a bunch of empty ingredients, it does lack the structure of a gluten bread.  Instead, the eggs make it slightly spongy.  It would work well with egg salad or…

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“Every Meal is a Choice”

By Linda Hoffman | January 1, 2018

It’s true.  Every meal is definitely a choice.  Wise advice printed on the back of t-shirts worn by staff at our local Sprouts grocery store.  We need Real Food!  For years we’ve received the now out of favor pronouncement that it’s all calories in/calories out.  The truth is that what constitutes those calories is of…

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By Linda Hoffman | December 17, 2017

Persimmons are a Japanese fruit that come in two shapes.  The flattened shape in the photo above is the Fuyu persimmon, eaten raw while still firm in salads or as a snack.  The tall acorn shaped variety is the Hachiya, only eaten when soft or it will pucker the mouth because it is so astringent.…

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Flourless Chocolate Brownies

By Linda Hoffman | December 11, 2017

These are moist and chocolatey, and easy to make.  I use coconut sugar, but substitute raw local honey or real maple syrup if you prefer.  I’ve used all three on various occasions, depending on what was in my pantry. A nice treat for the Holidays that is gluten- free!     Flourless Chocolate Brownies 1…

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Easy Egg “Muffins” for a Portable Breakfast

By Linda Hoffman | December 3, 2017

These quick and easy “muffins” are made in paper muffin cups in a muffin tin and can be eaten when they come out of the oven, refrigerated for later, or frozen to thaw and reheat all week for breakfast.  Gluten-free and loaded with vegetables, they make a great after school snack or a portable breakfast. …

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Avoiding Simple Carbs Over the Holidays

By Linda Hoffman | November 27, 2017

Carbohydrates: Simple vs Complex   The main difference between simple and complex carbs is the fiber content.  Simple carbs have none and complex carbs are loaded with them.   Simple carbs are all the sugars and refined flours found in baked goods, soft drinks, processed foods, and alcoholic beverages.  If we want to have a…

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Gluten-free Thanksgiving

By Linda Hoffman | November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving is here!   Time to plan a menu for the feast to share with family and friends.  Our typical menu inludes a LOT of bread and simple carbohydrates in dips and spreads served on baguette toasts, in the stuffing and rolls, and the pie with crust served for dessert.   For years the lethargy…

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