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Mango Season!

It’s Mango Season!   We’re coming into mango season.  While they are available year round, the smaller Champagne mangos are in season only March through May.  The larger varieties of mangos mature at different times.  But Hawaii and Florida mangos are both in season June and July.  Enjoy them while they are plentiful and inexpensive.…

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Persimmons are a Japanese fruit that come in two shapes.  The flattened shape in the photo above is the Fuyu persimmon, eaten raw while still firm in salads or as a snack.  The tall acorn shaped variety is the Hachiya, only eaten when soft or it will pucker the mouth because it is so astringent.…

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Grilled Salmon Salad with Strawberries

Amy Kafka of Garden Sweet in Fort Collins has been farming since 2002 on leased land, growing a little bit of everything and introducing the strawberries for which she’s famous in 2003.  Farming leased land leaves a farmer vulnerable.  Losing the lease means loss of livelihood unless new land with water can be found quickly. …

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Apple Coffee Cake

It’s apple season again: crisp, juicy apples of all varieties, some sweet, some tart, but all healthful and nutritious.  Most of us think of either a brown bag lunch addition or something sugary, baked for dessert when we see the new fall crop.  But aside from a tasty, portable snack food, apples are a natural…

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