About Come Back To The Table

Linda Hoffman is a graduate of the Professional Program at the former Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder, and has worked throughout northern Colorado as a Personal Chef. As part of her education, she studied in France, learning the value of using fresh, local, high quality ingredients as much as possible.

She has been writing the weekly food column in the Fort Collins Coloradoan since 2006.

She taught hands-on cooking classes for 13 years in Fort Collins, and has moved on to teach with input from Christy Thiel, Master Nutrition Therapist, a flavorful and delicious lifelong anti-inflammatory diet that is easy to implement and stay with.  The diet is not about deprivation and hardship, but full-flavored, one that leaves us satisfied and full, energetic and strong.

For more information, call Linda at 970-407-8828.

Linda’s Story:

I reinvented myself 1 ½ years after my husband died. He’d had a long illness, with the last year of his life terribly difficult for him, and consequently, for all of us. A year after he died at age 56, I realized I still hadn’t re-engaged with life. Having learned that life is shorter than we think it’s going to be, I decided I couldn’t let myself spend even 10 more minutes under that black cloud. Living through a terminal illness with a loved one changes us profoundly on many levels, and I simply couldn’t get back in the groove. I quit my job and enrolled in culinary school at age 57, and immediately found myself immersed in a whole new world that captured my attention and imagination. It felt like going from black and white back into Technicolor. I loved every minute of it!

Upon graduation from Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder, I began working throughout Northern Colorado as a private chef, cooking for families and small private parties. I found myself spending my day at my client’s home, just me and their dog, and came home to me and my dog, and I hadn’t talked to anyone all day. I hadn’t lived in Fort Collins long enough to have established a good support network and needed more people in my life. I fell into teaching when friends and family asked me to teach them how to cook fish or how to “fill in the blank,” and discovered with some surprise that I loved teaching. I moved into the house on Mulberry, put up a sign, and started my new life. I have met wonderful people, have made fast friends in all walks of life, and have found my niche and a calling that deeply satisfies me, and am grateful for this new life.