After a course of antibiotics…

Probiotic to use after a course of antibiotics


As part of the protocol after surgery, it is pretty automatic to be given antibiotics to prevent infection.   Because the antibiotics destroy gut bacteria, it’s especially important to start taking a probiotic as soon as the antibiotic is finished.

From Garden of Life, Raw Probiotics 5 Day Max Care, it supplies 400 billion cells of 34 strains.

This brand is a max dose to kick start rebuilding your system.  Taken every day for 5 days, it gives a mass infusion of healthy bacteria to make your gut work right again.

It was recommended by my daughter, and I think it gave me a big head start on restoring my healthy microbiome.  After I finished the 5 day protocol, I began taking my usual probiotic again.   And I’m pretty much back to normal, a speedy recovery and physical therapy going well, a knee that works without pain, and I’m feeling great!