“Every Meal is a Choice”

Our love affair with convenience and speed led us to processed foods, which many of us rely on to the point that we no longer cook at home.  Or if we do cook, we no longer cook from scratch, depending on boxed and canned and frozen foods for our meals.  The problem is that most processed and commercially produced foods are loaded with sugars and refined salt, preservatives and additives of all kinds.  Our bodies were never meant to process all the chemicals and non-food ingredients found in today’s processed food.  To paraphrase Michael Pollan, “it’s edible, but it’s not food.”  No wonder our digestive systems are so inflamed!


This country, and the world at large, has seen a huge and alarming increase not only in diet-related Type II diabetes, but in cancer, heart disease, MS, Alzheimers and dementia, all in spite of billions of dollars spent on medical research.  Increasingly, researchers and Functional Medicine practitioners point the finger at our food.


Recently while shopping at Sprouts, I noticed a phrase on the back of the employees’ t-shirts.  “Every Meal is a Choice.”  It is absolutely true.  Everything we buy is a vote, saying “yes, give me more of this thing I’m buying today.”  If we want more junk, buy junk.  If we want healthier choices, more organic food, less processing and better quality food, support those choices with your dollars.  Choosing to fuel a healthy body with healthy food is a smart choice.