In the Library…January

in the library

A fascinating book I’m reading now: The 30 Day Diabetes Cure by Dr. Stefan Ripich, ND, CNP, with Jim Healthy™.   It is a book that documents the way to heal Type II diabetes with diet and exercise, and Dr. Ripich says he’s never had it fail with anyone who’s followed the regimen.  Not once.  It even helps Type I diabetics to decrease the amount of their needed daily dose of insulin.  This book was recommended to me by a favorite client who needed support during her second pregnancy, whose gestational diabetes was completely out of control.  I knew that simple carbs are poison to all of us, but especially to diabetics, and made lots of recommendations to Jodee for ways to incorporate complex carbs into her meals.  This baby boy is now a year old, but she was still having difficulty, and discovered Dr. Ripich’s book.  It has helped her to get her blood sugar under control and feel better each day.  She knows it is a lifesaver.

I want to start a discussion/support group with this book and approach as its focus.  It is appropriate for anyone who is dealing with gestational diabetes, anyone with high triglyceride numbers, anyone with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and who is overweight with fat accumulating around the middle.  All these are indicators that blood sugar is out of whack, indicative of a disorder called metabolic syndrome.  I am a candidate myself.  Please contact me if you are interested in working with this book to heal conditions that are kept under control with medications, but don’t address the underlying cause, which is blood sugar and blood insulin levels that are out of control.  Insulin resistance is a dangerous condition that must be addressed in order to regain our health.